Frequently Asked Questions

Do you treat children?

Yes!! We love treating kids. Please go to our 'Infant Exam' and 'Kids Exam' pages to read about what we do during these procedures. It is so important to have a fun first experience at the dentist and we try our best to ensure this.

Do you have "happy gas"?


Nitrous Oxide, otherwise known as "happy gas" is delivered in a gas form in combination with oxygen, through a mask that comfortably fits over you nose. It is an extremely effective and safe way of relieving patient anxiety during dental treatment. As it is delivered in gas form, it starts working very quickly but is also removed from your system just as quickly at the end of treatment. It works very well for adults and children alike.

What is your policy about payment?

We require payment at the time of treatment. We offer HICAPS which allows for patients to claim from their private health fund on the spot. We accept all health funds. If you do not have your health fund card with you at completion of your treatment we are unable to claim your health fund rebate for you. We cannot manually claim your rebate for you, you need to have your private health insurance card with you. Be assured you can still claim your rebate, we will provide you with an itemised receipt in which you can use to claim your rebate either online or in person at your healthfund. We are legally only allowed to process your claims at the time of your appointment, we unable to process claims at another time or date.

We are a MEDIBANK preferred provider, although accept all health fund cards.

If your child qualifies for the Child Dental Benefits schedule, we are happy to provide treatment bulk billed under this scheme. (You must let us know when you book in that you are planning to partake in this scheme as we need to ring and check your eligibility with Medicare prior to your child's appointment.) We accept most EFTPOS cards. American Express is excepted (with no surcharge) We do not accept Diners cards.

Children between the ages of 0-18years have discounted rates for examination and cleans, xrays and fillings. We offer children between the ages of 0- 7years NO-GAP six monthly check- ups if you are in a private health fund for dental. Otherwise the discounted flat rate will apply- $165 for ages 0- 18years for six monthly check- ups.

How can I be sure my information will be kept private?

We are very committed to keeping your personal, medical and dental information private. We follow the principles laid out in the Australian Privacy Principles that came into effect in 2014 and the guidelines from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

We understand this is especially important in such a close knit (and fabulous!) community in which we live.

What options do I have to replace a missing tooth?

If you have a tooth missing, there are a few options available to you. Recent developments in ceramic and zirconia materials has meant that placing a bridge is a very aesthetic option, and can enhance the appearance and strength of the neighboring teeth as well. Another option is placement of an implant into the gum and bone and then placing a crown on the implant. At Avalon Beach Family Dental we will undertake a thorough assessment of the space and discuss with you the option that suits you best.

Are fissure sealants really that important?


Pit and fissure sealants act to prevent the accumulation of plaque and the growth of bacteria in the "groovy" teeth at the back ie the molars and to a lesser extent,the premolars. These grooves can be very deep depending on how they are formed either due to genetics or if there is a any disruption during formation in the gums and it can make them very difficult to clean properly. This is especially true for the first permanent molar that erupts at approximately the age of 6. Some estimates have shown that up to one half of these teeth can show the beginning signs of tooth decay even six months after they have erupted through the gum. It is very difficult to detect this so-called 'occlusal decay' as once the decay takes hold it spreads out underneath the surface enamel which is very strong and has the potential to hide decay until one day it finally breaks away revealing a large cavity.( you may have heard of these 'enamel bombs'! ). Indeed, some research has shown that when stain is visible in the grooves, there is already some decay present underneath the surface enamel. Therefore, ideally sealants should be placed as soon as the tooth has erupted and the whole of the top surface is accessible, especially if the grooves are showing signs of being quite deep on formation. It is often a quick ,painless and easy procedure that is much more affordable than waiting until a filling is required, and is better for the health of the teeth longterm.

Here at Avalon Beach Family Dental we have a fluorescence camera which can help us detect early occlusal decay. If there is a possibility that decay is present we often run a small channel through the surface of the grooves. This is totally painless and has the effect of removing early decay and plaque debris as well as giving an indication of whether deeper decay is present. We also use a stronger material than a standard sealant to ensure longevity of the sealant.

Will there be a fee if I fail to attend my appointment?


If an appointment is missed with no prior notice, especially a confirmed appointment, it is impossible for us to fill this clinical appointment time. A late payment fee of $65 will apply.

If an appointment is cancelled on the day of the appointment, with minimal notice given, this fee may also apply.

Is there a surcharge for Saturday appointments?

No, but a minimum consult fee of $68 will be charged per appointment.

Due to the out of normal work hours and the increasing popularity of Saturday appointments, please be advised a minimum consult fee of $68 will be charged per appointment.

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