Orthodontic Assessment

There are a lot of general dentists around who think they can do orthodontics...Beware of them!

A proper orthodontist has done many years of a full time structured masters degree to qualify to practice orthodontics as opposed to a 3 day or even a 6 week course.

The Dental Board of Australia is also concerned about this growing practice and recently issued a new set of Scope of Practice standards and guidelines to address this as well as other issues.

There are many reasons for orthodontic treatment...

Improving the appearance of the smile is, of course, the most common reason that patients seek this treatment out, but other reasons include:

• The need to move the teeth into a functional relationship. For example, people with a very deep overbite can have difficulty using their front teeth to cut through food and can sometimes even be biting against the gum of the palate! Also, a child with front teeth that are very prominent and "stick out" has a significantly increased risk of dental trauma.

• Very crowded teeth can make cleaning the teeth and gums very difficult increasing the vulnerability to tooth decay and gum disease.

Expansion of a very narrow top jaw is very straightforward and can have significant benefits in improving facial aesthetics and concurrently enlarging the nasal cavity and improving breathing.

•A developing underbite should be monitered from an early age as it is easier to treat at a younger age.

Here at Avalon Beach Family Dental we incorporate a thorough orthodontic assessment into the examination process. That way we can moniter for any problems that are best treated earlier and refer when appropriate.

We maintain a good working relationship with the orthodontists in the local area and will communicate with them regularly during the course of your treatment.

Recent developments in orthodontics has meant that treatment is much easier than ever!

The Invasalign method uses a series of clear mouthguards to gradually move the teeth making this a much more aesthetic treatment option.

If more traditional braces are necessary, however, ceramic brackets are available which can significantly reduce that "metal mouth" look!

There is also an option to put braces on the inside of the teeth arch (lingual) rather than the outside... Hidden from view!

Come and have a chat about your orthodontic options today!