Initial adult exam

As an advocate of Minimal Intervention Dentistry, we place the utmost importance on a thorough examination. In order to detect any potential problems before they have got to the stage where actual fillings are required we use advanced diagnostic aids to help us achieve this.

If you have any specific issues you want to discuss, we are more than happy to listen to your concerns. See also SMILE ASSESSMENT, PAIN MANAGEMENT etc.

A thorough MEDICAL HISTORY is taken, and a COMPREHENSIVE DECAY RISK ASSESSMENT is carried out which covers:

  • Oral Hygiene routines and techniques
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Medications as they relate to risk of decay

A COMPREHENSIVE CLINICAL EXAMINATION is then carried out which includes:

  • Extra-oral and Intra-oral SOFT TISSUE ASSESSMENT
  • Use of a TRI-TONE DISCLOSING GEL which shows old plaque, new plaque and plaque that can metabolize sugar efficiently(ie the nasty stuff!!)
  • Use of an INTRA-ORAL CAMERA to show you parts of your mouth you might not have seen before!
  • Use of a LIGHT FLUORESCENCE CAMERA which can detect occlusal decay(ie the decay that starts in the grooves of you back teeth) with greater accuracy.
  • Use of an INTERPROXIMAL INFRARED CAMERA to give a better indication of the presence of decay starting between your teeth without the need for radiation.
  • Use of DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY only when it is indicated.

The innovation of digital radiography means that if Xrays are required the radiation dose is substantially lowered to become almost negligible,(up to a 80% reduction in radiation required eg the equivalent of 1-2 hours of equivalent natural background radiation).

Xrays can be an important diagnostic tool in regards to decay, periodontal status, or looking for missing teeth or a suspected pathology.

Once a comprehensive exam has been carried out, a TREATMENT PLAN can be provided, which may include…

  • ADVICE on any small changes to DIET,LIFESTYLE AND MEDICATIONS that may improve your dental and overall well-being
  • A PRESCRIPTION for any appropriate TOPICAL AGENTS or ORAL HYGIENE AIDS that may facilitate the REGENERATION and REVERSAL of an EARLY DECAY detected that might not have got to the stage of requiring a filling.
  • ITEMISATION of any fillings that may be required. We strive to place fillings in the most CONSERVATIVE manner possible using BIOACTIVE materials which promote healing of the tooth and reduce the chances of future decay issues.

We would love to hear from you today!