Smile Assessment

Who doesn't want a nicer smile??

These days there are many affordable and easy options available to improve your smile. Here at Avalon Beach Family Dental we will listen to your concerns and go through the options available that will suit your needs. We look at the whole face as well as the teeth to achieve the most harmonious and aesthetic result.

These days there are many options available for smile improvement..

• Teeth Whitening
This is such an easy way to brighten up your smile! Some teeth are quite yellow because of the way they formed originally but most teeth take on a yellowed appearance due to exposure of such things as tea ,coffee, red wine, smoking etc over a period of time in the mouth. We can do whitening treatments in the chair or for more longer lasting results we recommend the fabrication of a custom made clear plastic guard and an at home treatment.

• Cosmetic Recontouring
Sometimes a small tweak to the shape of the teeth can be all you need or can be combined with other treatments. For example, if some teeth have a slight overlap or tilt, this can be minimized by some gentle reshaping of the teeth involved. This often involves only a small amount of enamel removal from the surface and can be done without any discomfort at all.

• Veneers
Veneering involves placing a cover over the front of your teeth, similar to placing a false fingernail over your natural nail!
Veneers can be placed either:
- Directly in one appointment using tooth coloured composite resin bonded directly onto your teeth, or
- Indirectly in a two appointment process using porcelain veneers which are made in a dental laboratory and subsequently bonded to the teeth.
Both methods are viable options to long-lasting smile improvement and require very little removal of your natural tooth structure.

• Crowns
The crowns of yesterday used to be limited by the fact that they needed a metal substructure to bond the porcelain to. This resulted in a darkness at the gum line and a slightly 'dead' look as light could not be transmitted through the metal in the same way as with natural teeth.
These days, there have been great improvement to the strength of dental ceramics and an increase in the use of zirconia in dentistry which has led to the possibility of all ceramic crowns. These crowns are much more aesthetic and look so much more natural, as well as being strong and long lasting.

• Orthodontics
Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the shape and colour of the teeth... They are just in the wrong place! Adult orthodontics has become a lot easier than it once was making it a viable treatment option and often increasing the long term stability of the final aesthetic result as well as enhancing the functional ability and cleansibility of the teeth.
Orthodontic systems such as Invisalign utilise a series of very thin clear plastic mouthguards to gradually move the teeth. Many people don't even realise you are wearing a mouthguard at all! There are also systems that utilise the inner (lingual) surface of your teeth, so the braces are completely hidden from view, and if you needed more conventional orthodontics, braces can be placed utilizing ceramic tooth coloured brackets and thin gold wires, making them barely noticeable at all!

Here, at Avalon Beach Family Dental we will listen to your needs and desires,and work with you to achieve the best aesthetic result possible.

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