Pain Management

Having a toothache can be very stressful. I have heard some people say that a tooth abscess can be worse than having a baby!

We understand that this is not an easy time for you, so we make every effort to get you out of pain as quickly as possible with compassion and understanding. If you are in pain, we will go out of our way to fit you in to alleviate this for you and then reappoint you for any further definitive work required.

This is especially important in cases of dental trauma. If you are present when a tooth is knocked out, please do not wait until you get to the surgery to reinsert it! It is vitally important that a knocked out tooth is replaced within 5 minutes , so if possible clean the tooth briefly under clean water and replace with the flat surface to the front. Try not to touch the root surface, if possible. If you cannot replace the tooth store it in saline or milk and come in asap.

If pain is a result of an abscess, a root canal treatment may be required in order to keep the tooth in the mouth. The process of treating infected root canals has improved significantly in the last few years making what was once a long and tedious procedure much more streamlined and efficient...Good news for everyone!

We have followed these latest advancements keenly and we are very pleased to be able to offer these services to you if required.

If you are nervous at all, we also offer nitrous oxide, otherwise known as "happy gas". This is a very safe, fast and effective way of alleviating your anxiety during treatment. It works extremely well in adults but is even more effective in children. This can be a very good way of helping make your child's first filling as calm (and even, enjoyable!) as possible.

For patients with an even higher level of anxiety towards dental treatment, we can discuss the possibility of sedative medication prior to treatment. Again, this has proven to be effective even amongst the extreme dentaphobics.

The main thing is not to wait until any tooth pain intensifies! Don't put it off...Come and have a chat today.